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Bi-Weekly? (More like bi-Monthly...:( )

Monthly Weigh-in
Weight: 185 lbs
Lost This Month: 4lbs
Left To Lose: 20-30 lbs
Lost To Date: 4 lbs

Bi-Weekly Check-In
1) Successes: I have worked out 10 days in the past 2 weeks. I ride the stationary bike/recumbent bike for about 5 miles a workout-day. :) I can already tell that my legs are firmer and I don't get out of breath as easily.

2) Challenges: After I work out, I'm ravenously hungry and eat things like frozen pizza and cheese. Does anyone have any suggestions for curbing the post-workout munchies? I would drink water, but I'm afraid if I drink more than ~32 oz. that I'm already drinking, I'll throw up. Avoiding the dessert bar in the cafeteria at college is also a challenge.


Hello!  I'm Jess, I'm on a weight loss journey, and am seeking accountability, support and encouragement.  This seemed like a good place.
I've lost 75 lbs. over the past 6 years and want to lose 40 more, preferably in the next 18 months or so (pretty sure I have an engagement coming up...)
I am at the gym at least 5-6 times a week, I know calorie counting, and I work with a trainer - but I still overeat when I'm emotional or stressed.  It drives me crazy that I can't "get on track" right now, but I've started a new job and the cold winter blues get me down, so it's been rough since the holidays.  
BUT - I'm ever determined!  I hope this might be a good place to be.

Bi-Weekly Check In
1) Successes: I've been working out a lot! The weather has been cooperating, thank God! And I've also gotten portion sizes totally under control.
2) Challenges: Now I just need to eat less caloric food, which is fairly problematic if I ever want to share a meal with my fiance. I also need to work on snacking less. I'm having motivation trouble, because after two weeks of steady workouts and eating less, I've only lost a single pound.

Biweekly Weigh In
Weight: 169
Lost This Month: 1 lbs
Left To Lose: 29
Lost To Date: 1
Bi-Weekly Check In: Hooray, my first! (Bi-weekly means once every two weeks, right?)

1) Successes: I joined my college's varsity basketball team: I go to a really small (800 studnets) school, and the team had lost so many people over the course of the season that they were desperate for anyone to fill the roster so that they could finish the season. So far I've played in 4 games, and been to a bunch of practices. I still have NO idea what I'm doing, but everyone is super nice to me and it's been a great way to exercise without running on the treadmill or going outside in the cold.
I've also been really diligent about eating the right meals for the diet I've been following, which requires me to follow a certain amount of servings per day for each food group (3 protein, 2 starch, 2 dairy, etc).
2) Challenges: The first few days after I joined this community, I drove across the country back to school. I gorged on the free, family-food-of-my-childhood right before I left and then I didn't do much but sit, eat, and sleep for two days. When I checked myself on my scale here at school, I had gone up by five pounds from my initial weigh-in (this could also be because the family scale typically reads a few pounds less than other scales).
Since I've come back, my main problem has been snacking. I'm not been as good about regulating my snacks during the day and making sure that they're healthy. I need to eat more veggies (ugh!)
Bi-Weekly Check In
1) Successes: I've gotten up early most days in the last two weeks and gone to work out. And I worked out hard...usually about an hour on the elliptical (about 5 miles, 600 calories). Thursday I even did some hand weights and crunches using one of those machine things! I usually don't do much weights-wise because seriously, I could look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a matter of months if I tried...I bulk up fast. It kinda sucks, but has its advantages, too!
2) Challenges: I couldn't bring myself to go on Sunday, when I had planned to. Also, I've been drinking tons more water (success!), but I HATE being in and out of the bathroom so freaking often! It really doesn't work for my student lifestyle. Tell me it will get better, someone! ALSO, I haven't lost a pound with all that exercising. Talk about discouraging! But I'm not letting it stop me!

Monthly Weigh In
Weight: 170
Lost This Month: 0 lbs
Left To Lose: 30
Lost To Date: 0 (Serena was a bad girl over Christmas break!)
But I am checking in.

Last time I weighed myself I am now 220, down another 2lbs. Yeahhh!!! slow and steady wins the race right?

Ankle has healed, so I'm back on the treadmill. I am able to now jog and a slow pace for 35 minutes, with 5 minutes warm up and cool down, makes for a very good 45 minute work out. The jeans are feeling a bit looser, comfortable now, rather than tight, and the muffin top isn't as severe :)

My biggest challenge has been eating when I'm on the road. 2 days every 2 weeks, I work in another end of town, and don't always have time to eat when I should (or rather I don't make the time I guess) so I end up eatting at timmies, or other fast food. I have a hard time packing enough food for 2 snacks, lunch and dinner. Gotta work on that.

I deffinately feel good about the exercise. I know my body, and I don't lose without it, and walking never feels like it's enough for me.

Good luck to everyone, hang in there

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
Herm Albright (1876 - 1944)


Hi people! I'm new here and I just wanted to introduce myself.

I have been on a starvation diet on and off and I know this is unhealthy, so I am quitting that.

MY ultimate goal is to be healthy and I just want to slim down to look and feel better. I also want to get in the habit of healthy lifestyles (eating right, exercising) so I can have a great life.

I am 18 years old and am in college. I did gain the Freshman 15 this last semester, lol.. but I dropped it off somehow. I am now 121 lbs at 5'3".

I want to havea a slimmer image, so the weight isn't really important to me, but for now let's say I want to be 115 lbs.

So I'm off to start my HEALTHY diet. It's my variation to the 2468 diet. I will eat 800 one day, 900 the next, 1000 the next, and 1200 the next and repeat this cycle over. I know 800-900 cal might seem a bit unhealthy, but remember that I'm coming out of starving myself so I want to take this slowly and gradually increasing my calorie intake. I will be eating more fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean meats.

Just wanted to introduce myself! Please feel free to leave comments, I love to get to know other people.

May we all do well on our journey to a healthy life. :)

Biweekly check in

Hey everyone, sorry I disappeared for a while. I'm checking in, since yesterday was my weigh-in day and I have some good news. I lost 3lbs!! So that's 4lbs all together now. It's not that much, but it makes me feel a lot better. Also, for the first time in my life, I've been going to the gym 3 times a week without missing one single day. I usually make up excuses to get out of it, but not this time! Not yet at least. But, seriously, if i keep getting results, I don't see why I would ruin it!
I hope you're all doing great. I'm off to read some previous posts and get back in touch with everyone.

Check in and a lunch question

1) Successes:  I've taken a lunch to work every day except twice since I started my new job at the beginning of the month, and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day (and peeing every 20 minutes! hahaha).

2) Challenges: I'm still adjusting to taking lunch. While I've been packing healthy lunches, sandwiches and carrot sticks are getting old quickly.  Also, last night my boyfriend had emergency surgery, and I definitely went straight to the ice cream because I was so scared, worried and sad.

question: what do you all pack for meals away from home? we don't have a microwave at work, so it has to be something that doesn't need to be re-warmed.

Bi-Weekly + Monthly Check in

I haven't done my Bi-Weekly Check yet and my Monthly Check in is due soon, so I thought I'd do them both at once. =)

Bi-Weekly Check In

1) Successes: I have worked out 3 times a week every week! I did my monthly weigh-in at Curves and lost .60% body fat and 4.75 total inches.

2) Challenges: Eating the correct food. It's hard spending time with your boyfriend when his isn't on a diet and can eat whatever he wants.

Monthly Weigh In

Weight: 215
Lost This Month: 4/5 pounds (Starting weight at Curves was 219 and it was 220 at Weight Watchers)
Left To Lose: 69
Lost To Date: 5